Agility and IoT in Agriculture


Life is forever evolving with technology, whatever field of work you’re in. There are no exceptions, and it’s a good thing too. The development of devices and software solutions are here to solve or simplify a problem or process so that you don’t need to worry about it. If you’re in the farming or agriculture world, you will know that the list of things that you must pay attention to is never-ending. One mistake can cost. Luckily, we have come a long way and with mobile devices, we have the luxury of the “there is an app for that” lifestyle.

The why

With Collabify being an agile solutions consultancy, we are always looking at ways of working that could be transferred to the agricultural industry through our eCollabify section. One practice, Kaizen, meaning “change for the better”, is a process of continuous improvement. Using this approach, we look for the small, repetitive improvements aided by technology that can save time & money.

By implementing these solutions, we are contributing towards the reduction of pollution and taking the first steps towards carbon-neutral farming.

The How

The IoT possibilities are virtually endless:


We can deploy a host of rain and moisture sensors across the fields, catering for the local microclimates. This could indicate areas that need watering when the moisture levels fall below a certain percentage. In some cases, this can also be combined with an automated irrigation system so you can forget about the need for watering. Further sensors can be deployed to monitor for water leaks and alert you to high flow rates.


Find out the state of your farm gates. You think you’ve shut it, but somehow it was left open by someone. It’s easily done, and before you know it, the herd has escaped. The solution is straightforward, and a small investment can save a lot of time, headache, and financial loss too. Deploying an IoT sensor that monitors the state of those gates sound simple, and even better you won't need to touch the battery for years to come.

It's a pain getting off and on the tractor, to open and shut those gates as they’re passing through, well “there is an app for that too”. Automated gates using solar energy provides a self-contained solution to your growing frustration and get you into the field quicker without compromising security. It also helps on those cold winter days and you’re taking full advantage of the tractor heating.


When it comes to monitoring it’s also important to know where your cattle/herd is at any given time. With a tracking collar (or similar), you’ll be able to gain remote visibility on the location of your livestock. This means that you can remotely monitor the location of your cattle at any time, from anywhere. You can also set up specific geofences and alerts, this will simply notify you if Bessie and her friends have gone somewhere where they shouldn’t have. This can easily be combined with livestock tracking software.


Imagine the time saved with a database of all your livestock one by one, their vaccination status, their location and you can even track their weight without having to manually enter it yourself. When it comes to a Vet visit or market time, it’s easy enough to bring up any previous history of the given animal and you can share all the information with others responsible for your livestock as well.


What if you didn’t need to check on the animal sheds every hour during the lambing session? Would be much easier if you could quickly view your sheds to check everything is A1. There is an array of options that can provide video feeds around your farm, allowing you to focus on other priorities.


The unfortunate side of farming is that others like to make use of your fields and save a trip to the tip. IoT won't make people respect the environment and private property but can alert you to fly-tipping or unexpected activity. Not only does this act as a deterrent, but it can also capture evidence for your local council or police to pursue prosecution. The countryside without rubbish is a far better picture than a washing machine blocking a field gate!


As I said earlier the possibilities are endless and we’re here to help. If you have a query or if you would like us to help you get started, please drop us an email at eco@collabify.net